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Planning Updates and Progress

Internal and external stakeholder voices inform planning through input and feedback to the Strategic Planning Committee. The Strategic Planning Committee is committed to transparency and robust stakeholder inclusion. Updates will be provided via the website, email, and The President's and Provost's Corner publications. 


Pillars are larger strategic planning themes. The following pillars were selected by the committee:

Pillar 1: Academic

Pillar 2: Student 

Pillar 3: Employee 

Pillar 4: Community 

Pillar Sub-Committees

Each pillar is co-chaired with at least one Strategic Planning Committee Member. The Sub-Committees are tasked with creating Goals and Objectives for each Pillar.  

Please contact Kathrine Bailey with any questions for Sub-Committee Leadership and she will assist you: baileyk@888193.net

Pillar 1 Sub-Committee Leadership

Academic Programs David Denton
  Mickey Hepner
  Samuel Jator


Academic Identity Rod Mills
  Tucker Brown
  Jessica Fripp


Academic Structure Andrew Robinson
  Loretia Duncan



Pillar 2 Sub-Committee Leadership

Student Experience Victor Felts
  Beatrix Brockman
  Tracy Comer


Retention and Student Support Marsha Lyle-Gonga
  Tony Morris
  Troy Priest
  Ben Drummond


Persistence to Graduation Kacie Hutson
  Joanna Zimmerle
  Nancy Gibson



Pillar 3 Sub-Committee Leadership

Jerica Swiger
Jane Semler



Pillar 4 Sub-Committee Leadership

Nikki Peterson
Kristine Nakutis



The pillars were workshopped by sub-committees comprised of campus representation from faculty and staff with diverse perspectives. The goals were created first and approved by the Strategic Planning Team. Objectives were then created by each sub-committee for the goals. The objectives were reviewed and approved by Strategic Planning Team.

Currently, the first draft has been created and can be reviewed here: Strategic Plan Draft 4-14-2022

Feedback Opportunities are located here: Feedback

If you have questions about the process please contact Kathrine Bailey, Director of Strategic Initiatives at baileyk@888193.net